Welcome to FOLKMOVE website dedicated to promoting European traditional games and dances -FOLKGAMES and FOLKDANCES! Our mission is to tackle social challenges such as lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle by revisiting traditional games and dances for children and youth and breathing new life into them. 

In Europe, physical inactivity rates are increasing, particularly among youth and children. The latest Special Eurobarometer on Sport and physical activity reveals that 46% of Europeans never exercise or do sports. Shockingly, 80% of children between the ages of 11 and 17 aren’t physically active enough. Inactivity can cause great problems for the health of young people in the long run.

Choosing Traditional dances and traditional games as the main focus of our projects ensures that the project activities are inclusive and will include people of all ages, skills, sexes, backgrounds, etc. Traditional Games and Dancing are activities in which everyone can find their own place, and traditional dancing and games playing only widens the possibilities for participants.


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Our website offers two different multilingual sections- FOLKGAMES and FOLKDANCES- for viewers to discover more about traditional games and dances. We believe that reviving the interest of youth and children in traditional games and dances is an excellent way to encourage physical activity.

FOLKGAMES section of our website focuses on promoting various European traditional games to children and young people. These games are not only fun and engaging, but they also involve physical activity. We aim to encourage children to take a break from screen time and discover the joys of outdoor games. Traditional games such as tug-of-war, hopscotch, and hide-and-seek are perfect ways to engage children and keep them active.

FOLKDANCES section of our website is dedicated to promoting traditional dances as a form of physical activity for children and young people. Dancing has enormous health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, and overall fitness.The section offers a range of resources for teachers, parents, and child caretakers to introduce children to traditional dances.

Our goal is to motivate children and youth to engage in physical activities, specifically traditional games and dances. We hope our website inspires viewers to discover more about FOLKGAMES and FOLKDANCES and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.