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FOLKDANCES CAMP was a week-long adventure set in the breathtaking mountain range of Lower Tatras, this camp took place from August 27th to September 2nd, 2023, in the beautiful area of Hotel Telgart. The theme of the camp was traditional dances from Slovakia, Croatia, and Hungary, inviting teenagers who will attend exciting workshops, bond with new friends, and learn new dances from one another. But this camp was more than just about dancing. It offered a chance for teenagers to embrace an international environment and learn about different cultures. They also spent time in nature, learn how to value cultural heritage, and actively maintain it. At the end of the week a spectacular final event was hosted in local cinema, where more children and young people gathered and spend the day making memories dancing and exploring new cultures together. 

  • FOLKDANCES Camp no. 1.
  • 28. august 2023

Experience the excitement of FOLKDANCES camp as teenagers from Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia come together to learn traditional dances. Led by skilled dance trainers, they embark on their first day by diving into the rhythms and steps of international folk dances. Join us as we celebrate diverse cultures through the power of dance.


  • FOLKDANCES Camp no. 2.
  • 29. august 2023

On the second day of FOLKDANCES camp in Slovakia, our campers from Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia continued to learn the choreographies of traditional dances from their respective countries. With each passing hour, these talented teenagers are improving their dancing skills. As they dance, the teenagers are sharing their cultures and building a strong bond with each other.


  • FOLKDANCES Camp no. 3.
  • 30. august 2023

Day three of FOLKDANCES camp in Slovakia has been a blast! The campers have been hard at work perfecting their folk dance performances alongside their new friends from Hungary and Croatia. After many hours of practice and collaboration, the teenagers have finally finalized their performances and are eagerly anticipating hosting the children of Telgart and nearby villages. It’s wonderful to see such cultural exchange and friendship building through the universal language of dance. Stay tuned for updates as the campers continue to spread happiness and joy through the art of Folk Dance!


  • FOLKDANCES Camp no. 4.
  • 31. august 2023

As the fourth day of FOLKDANCES camp in Slovakia unfolded, teenagers from Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia were greeted by a brisk morning breeze as they boarded the train towards the Telgart famous viaduct. The excitement was palpable as the campers took in the stunning views before reaching their destination, the Dobsinska Ice Cave, where they braved the chilly -3 degrees temperature without complaint, marveling at the surreal beauty of the frozen stalactites and stalagmites within.  After a fulfilling morning, the campers returned to camp bursting with newfound energy, excited to finalize their folk dance performances for the upcoming guests. The afternoon was spent practicing and perfecting their routines, and the atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm and tireless determination. The culmination of their hard work came in the evening, as the youngsters prepared for Friday joint performance for the children from folk ensemble Brezinka from Polomka and swimmers from ABC swimming studio based in Liptovsky Mikulas.


  • FOLKDANCES Camp no. 5. – International FOLKDANCES training
  • 1. september 2023

The international training on FOLKDANCES held in Telgart was a resounding success, as it brought together guests from Polomka folklore ensemble and ABC swimming Studio for a cultural exchange experience. Participants were treated to a rich immersion in the traditional dances of Slovakia, Hungary and Slovakia, with expert trainers providing in-depth knowledge and skills on various styles of artistic collaboration in bridging cultural divides and fostering greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures.